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The Stockbridge-Munsee Constitution and Enrollment Ordinances govern the Stockbridge-Munsee Enrollment department. The requirement for enrollment is proof of 1/4 blood or more Stockbridge-Munsee blood. Any person that wishes to apply for enrollment must fill out an application, a family tree, and supply a state certified birth certificate to our office. The Enrollment office asks that you do as much research on your own before contacting our office with any questions.

Then the staff reviews the application and a complete family tree is prepared using Tribal Rolls and documents on file in the enrollment office. The application is then forwarded to the Membership Committee for review and recommendations.


The Membership Committee consists of seven Tribal Members two of which are Tribal Elders, who are responsible for reviewing and recommendation on the 4th Thursday of each month.


The committee then forwards the application to the Tribal Council for consideration and action. The Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal Council makes the final decision in all enrollment cases. When accepted to be enrolled the Enrollment department forwards the letter of acceptance, which includes the new enrollees, enrollment number. New enrollees may then come into the Enrollment office for their enrollment card.


The Land and Enrollment department has the responsibility of keeping all Land Assignments and Enrollment records as well as the Tribal Rolls. We will assist Tribal member's research their family trees if requested.


Tribal Members that are interested in obtaining a land assignment must be at least eighteen years of age. Land assignments are granted on the basis of need and no assignment for residential or recreational purposes will be made in excess of five acres. Tribal members that are interested in obtaining land assignments should first inquire about availability with land department employees. If there is a suitable site available, an application will need to be completed. Once completed, the application will be forwarded to the Land Committee for review.


The Land Committee consists of five members appointed by the Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal Council. The Land Committee's duty is to accept, investigate, and recommend all complete applications for assignments to the Tribal Council for action. The said committee shall also serve the Council in an advisory capacity in matters relating to the land program. The Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal Council has the final say regarding all land matter.

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