Increase in COVID-19 Cases

The clinic has seen a recent increase in COVID cases.  On average 13.5% of tests conducted by the clinic over the last 7 days were positive.  This rate is larger than Wisconsin’s 7 day average percent positive of 7.4%.  In addition to testing conducted at the Clinic, there were 2 positives reported from National Guard testing this week and 2 positives from our community tested at Menominee Tribal Clinic. Please consider getting a vaccine to help protect yourself and those who cannot get the vaccine.  Please also wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth when outside the home.  Please do not gather in large groups.  Please stay safe and help others around you stay


Of the 29 Positives (23 from the clinic, 2 NG, 2 MTC),


7 Breakthroughs (Vaccinated 12 years and Older)


20 Unvaccinated

4 Unvaccinated (Under 12 years old)

16 Unvaccinated (12 years or older)