Our Tribal Treasurer, Terrie Terrio; regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine

Hello All,


I had volunteered to take the COVID-19 vaccine after essential workers along with the Ella Besaw residents were offered the vaccine. I was surprised to receive a call for an appointment to receive the shot and I must admit I was nervous.


On December 17, 2020 I had the vaccine, I decided I would rather take a chance with the vaccine instead of the COVID-19 virus. Our Health Center staff was so organized and professional, I didn’t even feel the shot and I haven’t had any of the possible side effects other than getting a good night sleep which has been a problem for months.


I understand why folks are leery about taking the vaccine with all the media coverage over this last year. I had to put my trust in something and I chose to trust the science. I pray that these vaccines, face covering and social distancing allows us to survive this unpresented pandemic and return to some resemblance of normally and I sincerely wish everyone a much better 2021.




Terrie K. Terrio