Stockbridge Munsee Community Declaration of Disaster Updates

Stockbridge Munsee Community Declaration of disaster updates.


We have centralized our coordination of all disaster efforts to the SMC Public Safety Office. Bill Terrio our Emergency Preparedness Manager will be our centralized point of contact for all inquiries 715-881-2157.


Tree Removal- Individual Homeowners please reach out to Maggie Bennett (715) 326-3040 to get further instructions. 


Emergency Shelter-NSMCR Casino stays must be coordinated and approved through Emergency Preparedness Manager Bill Terrio 715-881-2157. Stays will be based on established priority. Please do not show up at NSMCR and try and check in without prior approval.


Family Center -Showers/Charging



Elder Feeding will be at Eunice Stick Gathering Place (Elderly Center)


Friday-Monday Lunch 12:00 pm/ Dinner 5:00 pm


Community Feeding will be at Mohican Family Center-


Breakfast 8:00 am /Lunch 12:00 pm/ Dinner 5:00 pm


Food Storage-Food Distribution is the centralized point for food storage for individuals who need storage for food


Road Closures-Portions of River Road will be closed because of downed power lines.


Casino has no phones. SMHWC has limited phone calls in and out.