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** All forms must be completed and submitted in Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader, click here for a free install. If you do not complete forms in Adobe Reader you will NOT be able to fill in the forms or submit them**


All program policies, applications and forms are available online in a fillable format that has a submit button that goes directly to the coordinating Specialist.  At this time this will only work if the ADOBE software is downloaded on your computer and if you are using a compatible internet search engine, as the forms were created in ADOBE.  This option does not work on cell phones.


Complete Higher Education Grant Application Packet:

  1. Checklist
  2. Education and Career Services Application each academic year.
  3. Complete student section of the "Wisconsin Indian Student Assistance Grant" for new students using this link and for continuing students use this link each academic year.
  4. Academic Development Plan each semester/term.
    1. Meet with a school counselor/advisor regarding your class schedule and academic planning.
    2. The academic plan must be signed by the student and counselor/advisor.
  5. Copy of course schedule each semester/term
  6. Participant Acknowledgement form each academic year.
  7. Funding Acceptance Agreement form each academic year.
  8. Statement of Privacy and Release of Information form each academic year.
  9. Direct Deposit Forms

Lifetime Basic Education

  1. Policy
  2. Application

Student Activities Assistance

  1. Policy
  2. Application

Senior Banquet

  1. Policy
  2. Application

Digital Graduation Recognition

  1. Application

Career Services

Education and Career Services Application

WIOA (Work Experience, Support Services, Youth Employment and Summer Youth)

  1. Policy
  2. Eligibility Checklist
  3. Education and Career Services Application
  4. Employment Verification (Support Services Only)
  5. Income Verification

Paid College Internship

  1. Policy
  2. Application

Summer Youth at Home

  1. Application