Did You Know? 


Yearly funds are subject to change and are based on Federal and Tribal allocations.  Funding will be based on the Stockbridge-Munsee Education fiscal year of October 1 to September 31st.


Students with completed files will be reviewed and awarded in date of order.  The S/M Higher Education department will notify students with a letter showing the approved Tribal grant amount.  Upon receipt of this letter students are required to sign and return to the Education Department.


The intent of the Stockbridge-Munsee Higher Education award is to provide “supplemental” educational grant monies.  It is not intended to replace annual income or meet total personal/household expenses. 


The award is based on the standard school expenses as determined by each individual college/university.  Students will receive funding for a limited number of semesters to attain their education goals as follows:

Degree seeking:

Funding Level:

Lifetime # of Credits


Vocational/ Technical  (Associate, Certificate, Apprenticeship, License)


48 credits



72 credits + up to 48 of unused vocational/

technical credits




48 credits

Advanced Degree


60 credits + up to 48 of unused graduate credits

A minimum of 12 credits or more per semester is considered full time.  Carrying more than the minimum of 12 credits does not qualify a student for any additional funding.  Credits must be identified in the Student’s Academic Plan and signed by Advisor. 

NOTE:  Individuals demonstrating a physician-documented illness/injury may be considered for one additional semester beyond the 10 full-time semester limit if such schooling is necessary to become re-employable.  The Stockbridge-Munsee Education Board will make a determination in such cases.

Debt Waiver - Medical

Higher Education student(s) may appeal for a “waiver of debt” if they are unable to complete a semester based on a medical emergency that prevents them from attending classes and results in total withdrawal from school.  The students(s) must first file an appeal with the school for any refunds.  Waiver of debt must be requested prior to the conclusion of the semester following the medical emergency.  The Education Board will base their decision on the school’s recommendation, any refunds returned, an appeal letter from the student stating why he/she is unable to complete the semester along with the individual’s physician-documentation on their medical status.  The Education Board will not consider waivers prior to the 2012-13 school year.