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Tribal Higher Education Grant


Recommended Filing Dates:

Fall Term = June 1st
Spring Term  = October 1st
Summer Term = May 1st


1.   Submit a copy of the college/university letter of acceptance/admission for new, re-entry and transfer students. (Students who have not attended school for one or more                        semesters will need to submit a current letter of admissions.)


2.   Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon after October 1st of each year, at If you are completing the FAFSA for the first time

       you will also need to apply for a FSA ID (Financial Student Aid (FSA) Identification Number) for students and parents through the Federal Student Aid Pin Site.


3.   Comply with the school’s financial aid process and requirements.

4.   Complete Higher Education Grant Application Packet: 

a. Checklist

b. Education and Employment Services Application each academic year
c. Part 1 of the Wisconsin Indian Student Assistance Grant each academic year.
d. Academic Development Plan each semester/term.

a. Meet with a school counselor/advisor regarding your class schedule and academic planning.
b. The academic plan must be signed by the student and counselor/advisor.

e. Financial Need Analysis

f. Copy of course schedule each/semester/term.
g. Participant Acknowledgement form each academic year.
h. Funding Acceptance Agreement form each academic year.
i. Statement of Privacy and Release of Information form each academic year.

j. Direct Deposit Form 

Once we receive your paperwork, we will send a Financial Need Analysis (FNA) directly to your school's financial aid office for completion.


Other Education Programs

1.Adult Basic Education 

a. Policy 

b. Application


2. Student Activities Assistance 

a. Policy 

b. Application 


3. Senior Banquet 

a. Policy 

b. Application 

Employment and Training 


1.   Applications are always accepted, but space is limited so it is suggested to get applications in as soon as possible.


1.   The applicant comes into the Education building staff will greet the applicant, ask them to sign in, and hand out the application.

2.   All applicants will be informed of the process of eligibility and importance of completed applications, which include the following:

a. Eligibility Checklist 
b. Education, Employment, and Training Services Application

c. Proof of Age

d. Tribal Enrollment

e. Proof of Residency

f. Income Verification or Declaration of No Income

g. Social Security Card/Number. If male and under the age of 25, verify registration with Selective Service at

NOTE: Staff will provide assistance to the applicant to assure all information on the application is completed as we cannot accept any incomplete applications.

3.   Complete applications will be reviewed by staff for approval.

4.   A letter of determination of eligibility will be generated for each applicant.

5.   Applicants that are approved will be instructed to schedule an appointment to complete final assessments.

6.   The application and eligibility process may take up to 10 working days to complete.

7.   The EE&TS will schedule the applicants in the order of received complete application

Other Employment and Training Programs

1. Support Services

a. Eligibility Checklist  
b. Policy

c. Employment Verification