Youth Education Program


The Youth Education Program (YEP) starts the first day of school and is for Kindergarten through 12th graders.  The youth participate in activities in the YEP room at the Family Center and play games in the gym.  Some of the youth also assist with the Diabetes Awareness Walk, clean up after the W'Chin din ceremonies and other community service activities.


The Family Services YEP offers a structured and safe environment to prevent latch-key children from being home alone while their parents are at work.  The program provides nutritious snacks to participants, many of whom are transported to the Family Center by the Bowler School District bus service.  The youth play in the gym, participate in arts and crafts and AODA prevention lessons, and travel throughout Wisconsin in the summer on fun, educational field trips.  Parents pick up their children any time before 6:00 p.m.  Monthly program calendars are located outside the door of the ASP room which is the first door to the left upon entering the Mohican Family Center.  There is no charge for the YEP.  Current medical forms and permissions slips are required to participate in the program.  For more information, please contact any Family Services staff member who will be happy to assist you!

Monthly Calendar and Newsletter

Contact Information


(715) 793-4889


N8705 MohHeConNuck Rd.

Bowler, WI 54416


Linda Rudesill

Community Service Worker

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Rikki Gulbronson

Community Services Worker

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Jadin Parker

Community Services Worker

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Skylar Hill


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Lory Stevens


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