Stockbridge-Munsee Community​

Band of Mohican Indians

"People of the waters that are never still"

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Stop the Unlawful Ho-Chunk Wittenberg Expansion 

Latest News 

Make & Take: Chicken Stir-Fry

When: April 4th 

Where: Food Distribution

Time: 4:45pm-5:45pm

Trans Industry Awareness Program

When: March 27- April 14

Where: CMN Cultural Center

Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

Community Luncheon: Peripheral Arterial Disease

When: April 13

Where: SMHWC Conference Room

Time: Noon-1:00pm

"People of the Waters That Are Never Still" Book Release

When: March 25, 2017

Where: Library/Museum

Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm

In the News 

Latest Development on the Unlawful Ho-Chunk Wittenberg Expansion

Four state senators and three state representatives sent a letter to Governor Walker’s office respectfully requesting that the State retain outside counsel to obtain an independent analysis on the long-term implications of the illegal expansion of Ho-Chunk’s Wittenberg ancillary facility. Thank you for your support, legislators!



EFFECTIVE Tuesday March 21st, 2017

All forest roads will be closed to motored vehicle traffic until further notice due to spring melting.  This closure is in effect to eliminate damage to the valuable forest road system.  If use of a specific forest road is needed for the maple sap collection, a free use permit may be obtained from the Forestry Department (715-793-4368).  Once the frost leaves the ground and the roads dry sufficiently, the roads will be re-opened.  Watch for a posting. Thank you for your cooperation!

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Community Calendars

ASP: Youth
Grades K-3

N8605 Oak St,

Bowler, WI 54416

ASP: Tweens
​​​​​​​Grades 4-6

N8605 Oak St,

Bowler, WI 54416

ASP: Teens
​​​​​​​Grades 7-12

N8605 Oak St,

Bowler, WI 54416

Education, Employ-
ment & Training 

W13447 Camp 14

Bowler, WI 54416

Mohican Family Center

N8605 Oak St,

Bowler, WI 54416

2017 WIC

W12802 Cty Hwy A

Bowler WI 54416

Elderly Center Activities 

N8651 Maplewood 
Bowler, WI 54416

Elderly Center Meals 

N8651 Maplewood 
Bowler, WI 54416