FDA Approved a 3rd Booster Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine For People Who Are Immunocompromised

If you have any of the following conditions and are more than 28 days away from your 2nd dose of either Pfizer or Moderna Covid-19 vaccine please call medical at 715-793-5087 or 715-793-5088 to schedule a 3rd booster dose.


  • Active cancer (being treated or about to be treated)
  • An inflammatory condition such as rheumatoid arthritis. You do not need the booster for wear and tear arthritis (osteoarthritis) or diabetes.
  • Organ transplant - discuss getting the third dose of the vaccine (as you should discuss everything) with your transplant team.


The 3rd dose of COVID vaccine should be the same vaccine as the initial series and administered at least four weeks after completing a primary mRNA COVID-19 vaccine series.  As of now, the recent announcement of the third covid vaccine dose only applies to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, not the Johnson and Johnson vaccines.


Additional information from IHS:

A person is 4.9 times more likely to be infected with COVID-19 if they are unvaccinated compared to a vaccinated person. 

An unvaccinated person with Covid-19 is 29.2 times more likely to be hospitalized than a fully vaccinated person with Covid-19.