Position: Dental Assistant - Full-Time


Location: S-M Health Center

Salary: $21.39 Negotiable
Full Benefits - Medical, Dental, PTO and 401K

No weekend or evenings

15 1/2 Paid Holidays a Year

Negotiable dependent on skill level 

Posting Date: 4-14-22

Closing Date: Until Filled

Paygrade: 4

Every employee of Stockbridge Munsee Community is expected to present themselves in a professional manner to customers as well as other departments. Stockbridge Munsee Community strives to provide a provide a positive team environment where everyone contributes.


All employees of Stockbridge Munsee Community must meet the following qualification:

  1. Must submit to and pass a pre-employment drug and health screening.
  2. Must be at least 18 years of age, unless otherwise stated on job description
  3. Must maintain an acceptable departmental attendance record
  4. Must obtain and maintain Elder/Youth License as stated on job description.
  5. Must be COVID 19 fully vaccinated and remain up to date with required doses.


  1. Patient Preparation for Treatment

    1.      Greets patients and seats in treatment area.
    2.      Records reported changes in medical history, allergies and current medications in EDR.
    3.      Takes blood pressure and records it in EDR.
    4.      Secures signed patient consent forms as needed.
    5.      Enters appropriate appointment, pretreatment procedure and assessment codes in EDR.
  2. Chairside Assisting

    1.      Retraction and suction.
    2.      Recording and examination and treatment information as relayed by Dentist.
    3.      Sets out and organizes necessary dental instruments and materials for indicated procedure.
    4.      Prepares dental materials for procedures including:  cements, bases, restorative materials, and irrigation.
    5.      Provides fourhanded assistance to the dentist in all treatment procedures
    6.      Exposes digital X-rays when needed. 
  3. Releases Patients from Treatment

    1.       Rinses oral cavity and removes all debris.
    2.       Relays to patient instructions from dentist for all types of post-treatment care, including specialized instructions for post-surgery patients.
    3.       Release patient from chair and escort to receptionist.
  4. Performs the Infection Control Procedures of the Dental Department to Include but not Limited to:

    1.       Disinfecting the operatory after each patient.
    2.       Cleaning, lubricating, and sterilizing hand pieces.
    3.       Sterilizing and properly storing all dental instruments and materials.  Also to maintain sterilization logs.
    4.       To clean traps and suction.
    5.       To change solutions and clean and maintain the ultrasonic cleaner and autoclave.
    6.       To clean Lab, impression trays, model trimmer, lathe, model vibrator, and other misc. items.
  5. Manages the supply and equipment purchases and maintenance.

    ·     Maintains vendor lists and necessary contacts/contracts for utilizing VA  contract pricing.

    ·     While staying within a monthly budget, consolidate staff purchase requests to produce individual vendor orders.

    ·     Prepare monthly purchase requisitions and submit for purchase orders

    ·     Place orders

    ·     Reconcile all vendor invoices for payment, make copies of supporting documentation, and submit for payment

    ·     Maintain supply purchase and delivery records, laboratory fees/invoices, equipment purchases, and warranty records

    ·     Reconcile laboratory invoices and submit for payment.

    ·     Manage and maintain equipment repairs and maintenance

    ·     Follow up with periodic equipment maintenance schedules

    ·     Collect bids for equipment purchases.

    ·     Maintain Safety Data Sheets in an centralized and organized location.

  6. Places matrix bands and wedges when required,
  7. Electronic Dental records (EDR)

    Prior to patient arrival

    ·         Chart existing and treatment planned restorations, perio charting, medical alerts, health history and conditions in electronic dental record of every patient
    ·         Review prior progress notes or treatment plan icon to determine appointment set up needs

    During patient visit
    ·         Update health histories, recording changes in medications, allergy and health status.  Take and record blood pressures on every patient over 18 years of age.  Create patient alert for all patients requiring them
    ·         Record dentist’s treatment plan, perio charting, purpose of visit, diabetic status, visit status, blood pressures.
    ·         Monitor and communicate schedule needs.  Alert dentists when patients are ready
    ·         Utilize functions of EDR for identifying future scheduled appointments as well as patient education.
  8. Assist front desk staff  as the need arises
    ·       Schedule appointments if front desk in unavailable
  9. Laboratory Assisting

    Pours, trims, and labels models.

    Constructs custom impression trays.

    Constructs splints and soft mouthguards.

    Prepares and packages cases to be sent to Dental Labs.

    Checks in returning lab cases, puts them away and reports them to the appropriate Doctor

  10. Exposes and develops Intra and Extra Oral Digital Radiographs
  11. Prevention

    ·       Instructs a patient in preventive dental care:  demonstrates brushing and flossing techniques use of disclosing tablets, and care of prosthodontic appliances.

    ·       Explains the common causes of decay and its relationship to general diet.

    ·       Assists the dentist in performance of oral health education programs in the dental office school and community.

    ·       Performs child and adult prophylaxis to include topical fluoride application.


  12. Placement of dental materials in the mouth and other intraoral procedures not involving the cutting of tissue, under immediate supervision of the dentist such as

    Applies rubberdam and/or places cotton rolls to isolate operative site.

    Taking diagnostic impressions modifies trays as needed.

    Fabricate and cement temporary crowns

    Must be reliable and prompt when reporting to work.

    Required to attend job related, in-service, meetings, and training to maintain professional and technical knowledge.

    Must adhere to tribal law and other applicable laws as well as tribal personnel policies and procedures.

    May be required to satisfactorily complete an exam or other testing requirement(s) to determine skill proficiency.

    The above duties and responsibilities are not an all inclusive list but rather a general representation of the duties and responsibilities associated with this position.

  13. Insurance


    ·        Monitor and submit patient and procedure information to various insurance providers, including Medicaid.


  1. Must possess a High School Diploma or GED equivalent.
  2. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  3. Satisfactory completion of an approved Vocational/Technical training program for Dental Assistants preferred, in lieu training, must have at least one year work experience as a Dental Assistant or other position.  Must possess knowledge of all dental procedures common to general practice, the specific instruments, and order of instrument use in carrying out these procedures.
  4. In lieu of an approved vocational/technical training program for Dental Assistants, satisfactory completion of an approved Dental Radiology Program is preferred and/or must have at least one (1) year experience performing panorex and intraoral radiographs.
  5. Must possess sufficient knowledge of preventive dentistry measures to instruct patients in oral hygiene practices.
  6. Must possess knowledge of office procedures and knowledge to maintain a record keeping system.
  7. Must possess skill and dexterity necessary to manipulate dental instruments, in placing dental materials, and in performing intraoral procedures (suture removal, application of rubber dam, etc.) as directed by the Dentist.
  8. Must be able to communicate well and relate to the public.
  9. Must be able to capably perform recurring duties (clerical, clinical maintenance, laboratory, radiography, and record keeping) on own initiative according to established instructions and procedures.
  10. Must be able to maintain confidentiality.
  11. Must be capable of working with minimal supervision.
  12. Must participate in the employee random drug-testing program.
  13. Must submit to a Criminal Investigation Background check
  14. Must submit and pass a background security check to meet the Elder/Youth License Requirement as it pertains to the position and the location of the department prior to and during the course of employment with the Stockbridge-Munsee Community.
  15. Must be eligible for coverage under the employer’s liability insurance.
  16. Must be able to meet physical requirements of position
  17. Must abide by departmental and organizational safety, testing, and uniform guidelines
  18. Must pass pre-employment drug and health screening.  Must adhere to the Tribe’s Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy during the course of employment.
  19. Must have demonstrated ability to maintain satisfactory working record in any prior or current employment.


  1. Must be able to tolerate long periods of sitting, bending, standing, and walking.


  1. This position requires a lot of sitting with occasionally stoop, kneel, crouch, and lift and/or move up to twenty-five (25) pounds.

  2. Work environment requires excellent personal hygiene due to working in close proximity to others and in an enclosed area.

  3. A Tuberculosis (TB) Screening and/or TB Skin Test may be required.

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The Stockbridge Munsee Community operates as an equal opportunity employer. Except Indian Preference is given in accordance with the Tribal Employment Preference Ordinance.


Although an interview may be granted, this does not determine that the candidate fully meets the qualifications until it is determined by the interview team.