Future Ella Besaw Center

In 2022 the Tribal Council agreed to expand the current Ella Besaw community based residential facility from an 8 room facility to a 24 room facility.


The facility will be located behind the current parking lot of the Health & Wellness Center and will include:

  • Two double occupancy rooms.
  • Two rooms designated for hospice. 
  • Large covered main entry with in-ground heat.
  • Reinforced walls to act as a tornado shelter. 


Completion date set for March 21st of 2024. 


Progess of building construction

  • IMAG4350-100-4350.jpg
  • IMAG4422-100-4422.jpg
  • IMAG4376-100-4376.jpg
  • IMAG4456-100-4456.jpg
  • IMAG4474-100-4474.jpg
  • IMAG4492-100-4492.jpg
  • IMAG4484-100-4484.jpg
  • IMAG4508-100-4508.jpg
  • IMAG4500-100-4500.jpg
  • IMAG4516-100-4516.jpg
  • IMAG4538-100-4538.jpg

Aerial footage of building construction

Time-lapse of bulding construction